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How to Get Quick Cash For Your Home

Are you short on money? You could be facing unpaid bills, high credit card balances or even foreclosure. Maybe it was caused by an unexpected job loss, medical expenses, or something else. Maybe you just want to sell your home to buy another one, take a vacation, or retire. Honestly, it does not matter why you need money.

I’m Steve Lawson with Indy Home Vault, LLC and I’ve been in your shoes before. I know how frustrating it can be to have cash tied up in a property while unpaid bills or other expenses remain on hold.

Whatever your reason for needing quick cash for your home, we at Indy Home Vault may be able to help. We’re Indianapolis’s premier real estate investment clearinghouse. We have the cash, connections, and experience with the local market to deliver a “Yes” and a “Now” when everybody else sticks you with a “No” and a “Later.”

I represent a nationwide team of real estate investors who are attempting to identify investment opportunities in Indianapolis. We’ve bought hundreds of homes in Indianapolis from people just like yourself, and we may be positioned to buy your home at a fair market price more easily and rapidly than anybody else.

We may not be for everyone, so I thought it would be beneficial to share other options you may not know about. After the outline, we describe the Pros and Cons of each option. Here are some of the options you have to sell your house quickly:

  • List it with a Realtor
  • Lots of potential buyers
  • Time-consuming process
  • Low price and/or costs to make ready
  • Realtor costs, closing costs, etc.
  • Inconvenience of many visits
  • Sell to wholesaler
  • Many cannot provide you with cash
  • Do nothing
  • Sheriff will take action if behind on taxes
  • Lender will take action if behind on payments
  • Both will destroy your credit
  • Sell to us
  • The “turnkey” solution
  • We buy it “as-is”
  • No buyer financing hassle
  • No Realtor fees
  • No closing fees
  • Faster closing

List with a Realtor:

Pros: Your house will be available to thousands of realtors and their clients. A lot of people will know your house is for sale.

Cons: Time, money, expenses, and convenience

Time–It can take months for a property to sell unless the price is very low.

Money—You will either need to invest money to fix your house up, spend money on items the buyer wants after completing their inspection, or offer a price so low that it will sell without you making repairs. Regardless of your price, nearly every buyer will still offer you less forcing you to haggle for every dime.

Expenses—Even if you sell it for a rock bottom price, you will still have to pay the realtor and closing costs, which average more than 10% of your sale price.

Convenience—Every potential buyer will want to walk through the house before making a decision. Even when you have a buyer, you will have to coordinate with the buyer’s inspector, appraiser, contractor, and more.

Sell to Wholesaler:

Pros: Cash price and a quick close

On the surface, many wholesalers appear similar to us. They will offer cash for your house and a quick close.

Cons: Many cannot actually close

The problem is that less than 10% of the wholesalers in Indianapolis could actually buy your home. The other 90% are small, one persons businesses (many are part-time) who will sign a contract and then try to find someone else to buy your home so they can collect a “finder’s fee.” If they cannot find a buyer, your house does not sell and you get no cash. How would you feel if someone told you they would pay cash and close in 30 days and then backed out a couple days before? Even worse, how would that affect your financial challenges?

Indy Home Vault, LLC has funds and can actually pay cash for your home. We want to solve your financial challenges and put cash in your pocket.

Do Nothing

We don’t know your situation. Therefore, we do not know the exact Pros and Cons of what could happen if you do nothing. But, here are a few based on our experience…

Pros: Doing nothing is easy.

Cons: There is a “cost” of doing nothing.

–Lose your house to the County (behind on taxes)

–Lose your house to the lender (foreclosure)

–File for bankruptcy (unpaid bills, credit cards)

The “hidden” Con—As you wait, your taxes, utilities, and other expenses continue to grow. Homes requiring maintenance will be assessed fines by the Department of Code Enforcement and/or Health & Human Services.  

Your Special Situation

We’ve seen it all.

We’ve seen something similar to your unique situation before. Whether you have tax problems, legal problems, finance problems, inheritance issues, a divorce, or other complex and emotional family issues, we can help. We can’t solve all of your problems, but we can remove the real estate stress from the equation and put cash in your pocket.

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About Indy Home Vault, LLC

We at Indy Home Vault are in the business of connecting distressed property owners with our nationwide network of real estate investors. We’re based in Indianapolis. We live in Indy. We know the market, and we’re able to find creative and unique solutions for struggling homeowners.

Our services may or may not be right for your situation. But you won’t know what options you have available unless you call. It only takes a few minutes. We have made all the difference for hundreds of satisfied customers we’ve worked with over the years, and we may be able to make a difference for you.

No cost. No obligation. No high-pressure sales tactics. We will listen to you. We will learn about your situation. We will offer you options and advice.

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