Evaluate Properties

There are lots of properties available in the Indianapolis market. Some are great investments and some are not. Some property sellers accurately describe their property and some do not.
Let us help you make sure your potential property (from any source) is a fit for you. We do that in three ways:
  1. Basic Physical Evaluation – One of our contractors will evaluate your property and determine a rough estimate for what it will take to make the property rent ready or to rehab the property so you can flip it (depending on your goals). This Report is $99.
  2. Advanced Physical Evaluation -Our contractor will evaluate your potential property and provide a very detailed scope of work including measurements and precise pricing) so you will know exactly how much rehab will cost This report is $199.
  3. Financial Evaluation -This evaluation takes the Rehab Estimate from the Physical Evaluation and combines that with a thorough evaluation of Comps, the neighborhood, and more. This will enable you to determine if the property is a fit for you. One of the BIGGEST challenges in Indianapolis real estate is that neighborhoods can change drastically from one street to the next. There are parts of town with $400K comps on one street and just TWO STREETS OVER, you cannot sell a house for more than $100K. Using Zillow or other comps does not help. You must go to the property and know the area to make an accurate assessment. That is why you need “boots on the ground.” This report is $100 and is typically combined with the Basic Physical Evaluation ($199 for the package) or with the Advanced Physical Evaluation ($299 for the package).