Rehab Management

Finding great properties in Indianapolis is Easy.
Finding good contractors is NOT.
Let us help you manage your Indy area rehab. Over 90% of our clients are out-of-state (or outside the U.S.) investors who have properties in Indianapolis. You cannot manage repairs effectively from a distance, but we can.
We work to make sure your rehab is On Budget, On Time, and Done Right. If your rehab falls short on ANY of these areas, it can be disastrous for you.
We have managed the rehab of over 200 houses in the last four years. This includes:
–Over 150 single family rental rehabs (Grades A-D with majority from Grades B & C)
–Over 10 multi family rental rehabs (5 or more units)
–Over 40 Retail fix & flip (from $75K to $400K+)
Recent example:
4346 Priscilla: Before rehab started, investor thought it would sell for $85K; After the rehab, it was listed for $109K and sold for $111K.
Who does the work? We have six different crews that we trust to do the work on budget, on time, and do it right. However, we are willing to work with other contractors if you already have one (we reserve the right to decline if we are not comfortable with the contractor).
In addition, we have been involved in Indy real estate since 1996 and can connect you with stagers, realtors, and others, if needed.
If interested please contact, Steve Lawson at (317) 446-6026 to know more.